Buying a home is one of the most important investment decisions you will make in your lifetime. As such, it makes sound financial sense to enlist the services of a qualified home inspection company to ensure your home is as solid and secure on the inside as it is on the outside. It’s not fun to discover after closing that your dream home comes with an additional unexpected and sometimes costly, repair or replacement expense.

A home inspection will determine the structural and mechanical soundness of your home. Your home inspector will identify existing and potential problem areas, suggest practical low-cost solutions, and provide estimates regarding costs for any work required. Shortly after the inspection has taken place, a written report summarizing the findings is generally provided to the potential purchaser.

By commissioning a home inspection prior to purchase, you’re protecting both yourself and your investment, as well as buying a little peace-of-mind.

Home inspection costs often range according to size, age, and location of the home. Your sales representative can recommend reputable home inspection services or arrange for a home inspector to visit your property.

Technically defined a Home Inspection is the visual examination of the home to determine the condition of that home at the time of Inspection. Home Inspectors are highly skilled at determining a house’s condition, but they are limited to what they can access visually.

The main purpose of a home inspection is to determine if the home has any existing major defects (usually defined as repairs costing $1,000 to $1,500 and up), or any major repairs coming up in the near future. The inspector will point out smaller defects during the inspection, of course, many problems can add up to a major cost.

An inspection done to the Standards of Practice of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) will cover the following major systems and components: Roofing, Chimneys and Flashing, Exterior, Property Drainage, Structure, Electrical Heating and Cooling, Insulation, Plumbing, Foundation and Interior.


There are several good reasons to have a professional Inspection done on the home you are thinking of buying. The first and most important reason is knowing what you are buying. This will eliminate future surprises and unplanned expenses. A quality Home Inspection allows you to make an informed decision about your purchase.

If significant repairs are discovered during an Inspection, your REALTOR® will discuss and recommend options. It is quite possible you will save money in the future by completing maintenance repairs suggested by your Inspector, that would lead to larger repairs if left unattended.

Finally, you will be able to continue with the purchase of your home with full knowledge of its condition, giving you “Peace of Mind” in a very stressful time.

The standard Home Inspection takes approximately three hours. A quality inspection is very thorough, checking the home from the basement to the attic and everything in between. Professional Home Inspectors are highly skilled individuals with knowledge of building codes and all systems and components of your home.

Your Team Realty Sales Representative will recommend that you include a clause in your offer, allowing for you to conduct a Home Inspection and being satisfied with the outcome. The inspection generally takes place after you have negotiated the final price. At this point you are fairly confident that you will be buying the home.

It is highly recommended that you attend the Inspection. Should your Inspector suggest that you do not attend the Inspection, look for a new Inspector. You will be given a wealth of information about your home and this information is much easier to understand while you are present. Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn as much as you can about your home.


A good quality Home Inspection in the Ottawa area will cost between $400.00-$500.00 plus taxes. A small price to pay compared to the cost of a major deficiency discovered after you own the home. Be sure your Inspector offers a written report and a written contract. A verbal inspection will be of no use to you when you move into the house three or four months later. The benefits realized from a professional Inspection far outweigh the cost.

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